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Wellhouse is redefining women's ministry. In a culture where women are often isolated and divided, Wellhouse Women are creating a place to connect, share, and be in deep relationship with one another, all with one thing in common: Jesus.

Through Jesus, we seek to engage with, equip and empower women to charge toward their calling. No matter the age, walk of life, married, single- there is a place for you in Wellhouse Women. We welcome you into our tribe.

Foursquare and Wellhouse Church are passionate about women in ministry. Find out more and explore resources here:



Join the tribe.

Each Fall we gather to engage with one another and go deeper into God's word. If you are a female looking for mentorship, community and empowerment, then join us this October as we learn what it means to live as a kingdom woman, to walk by faith (not just talk about it), to make decisions in alignment with God, to raise up the next generation, and to discover that tremendous freedom comes when your ultimate submission is under a caring and loving God.